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The tradition of World Friendship Day began in 2005 as a way for Friendship Force International, and its 360 clubs around the world, to have a specific day to commemorate the organization's birth.

Friendship Force International was launched at a White House ceremony on March 1st, 1977, with the endorsement and support of President Jimmy Carter. The work of FFI was recognized with a 1992 nomination for the Nobel Peace prize.

A resolution honoring Friendship Force International, and recognizing March 1, as World Friendship Day, was introduced in the U.S. Senate in 2007.

The very first World Friendship Day in 2005 was celebrated in style by clubs around the world, including our Gold Coast club with an online website available in “real time”.

To keep the tradition alive when possible our club has held some kind of event to acknowledge our being part of this great organisation.

Click on links below to have a look at our participation and celebration of World Friendship Day through the various years:

2010 - Lunch at Currumbin RSL

2009 - Trivia day

2008 - No function as a large number of ambassadors were away on NZ exchange

2007 - Celebrated 18 February with drinks nibbles and pizza in the park at Kurrawa

2006 - Games, drinks and nibbles in the park at Kurrawa

2005 - Dinner at Ashmore TAFE



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