As of 2017 the tradition of planting trees in the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens has sadly come to an end.
It was a great way to celebrate and remember the clubs who visited us.
This page will remain as a record of the years between 2003 and 2017.


Following a week of home hosting and shared activities, what better way to commemorate the new found camaraderie (friendship and trust within a group) - than to plant a tree....... !

Each time members of the Friendship Force of the Gold Coast club host an exchange from somewhere around the world, a native Australian tree is planted in the lush grounds of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. A certificate acknowledging the visitors' participation in this activity is presented to the Exchange Director as a reminder of their involvement during their stay on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, formerly known as the Rosser Park Regional Botanic Gardens, and before that simply Rosser Park, are located on Ashmore Road, Benowa, Gold Coast, Australia.

The Friendship Force of the Gold Coast as an entity, is a member of the ‘Friends of the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens’ and our club members feel privileged to be amongst those with an ‘officially nominated’ area of the beautiful parkland.

In 2003 following many months of discussions between Gold Coast City Council and club member Kevin Seivers, the first tree was planted in Rosser Park in an area that was to become known as “Friendship Force Avenue”.

In a departure from the usual practice of hosting Friendship Force clubs from around the world, in 2003 Friendship Force of the Gold Coast, in a joint venture with the Gold Coast City Council and the authorities of the Gold Coast's Sister City of Nouméa in New Caledonia, hosted a group of New Caledonians for what was a wonderful week of fun and friendship. This visit culminated in the establishing of a Nouméa club when the ‘ambassadors’ returned to their own country.

It was during this exchange that the inaugural tree planting took place when Frédéric from Sister City of Nouméa, ably assisted by Kevin from Friendship Force Gold Coast, planted a Queensland Kauri Pine.

The Friendship Force of Nouméa, New Caledonia continues to enjoy belonging to Friendship Force International and hopefully members will always remember their club had its origins due to a visit to us here on the Gold Coast.

Map showing Friendship Force Avenue and 2nd area for plantings

Friendship Force Avenue signage

Showing some of the established trees

The original area pictured above now has the allotted number of trees and a new area has been designated for further plantings. A number of trees have already been planted in the new zone with many more to come.

Shown below are the names of visiting clubs and the trees planted during their respective visits.

Newcastle, NSW, AUSTRALIA [Domestic Journey] September, 2017 Native Tree Planted near fountain, entrance end of park
Napa Sonoma, USA July-August, 2015 Marblewood Acacia bakeri
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA February, 2015 Red Olive Plum Elaeodendron Australe
Kumamoto & Yamaguchi clubs, JAPAN November, 2014 Tree Waratah Alloxylon slammeun (Planting deferred to later date)
Nara, JAPAN June, 2014 Black Booyong Argyrodendron actinophyllum
San Diego, USA May, 2014 Domatia Tree Endiandra discolour
Greater Atlanta, Georgia, USA September, 2013 Southern Ochrosia Ochrosia moorei (small rainforest tree)
Canadian Capital, CANADA February/March, 2013 No tree planted Weather did not permit
Thames Coromandel, NZ November, 2012 Yellow Tulip Tree Drypetes deplanchii
La Serena, CHILE September, 2011 Bumpy Ash Flindersia Schottiana
Global Exchange from Alabama, Ohio & Nebraska, USA September, 2010 Green-leaved Rose Walnut Endiandra muelleri
Whangarei, NZ May, 2010 Beach Alectryon Alectryon coriaceus
Lamphun, THAILAND April, 2009 Red Kamala Mallotus philippensis
Kapiti Coast, NZ April, 2008 Jackwood Cryptocarya Glaucescens
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA November, 2007 Black Walnut Endiandra globosa
Minsk, BELARUS October, 2007 Queensland Maple Flindersia brayleana
Colonial Carolina, USA September, 2007 Pink Poplar Euroschinus falcate
Manawatu, NZ August, 2006 Long Leaved Tuckeroo Cupaniopsis Newmanii
Karsiyaka Bay, TURKEY May 2006 Kurrajong Brachychiton acerifolius (Flame Tree)
Greater Orlando, Florida, USA October, 2005 Tree Waratah Alloxylon slammeun
Western North Carolina, USA June, 2005 Yellow Flame Tree Peltophorum pterocarpum
Medicine Hat, Alberta, CANADA November, 2004 Tree Waratah Alloxylon slammeun
Northern Illinois, USA July 2004 Native Flowering Tree botanic name not recorded
Curitiba Metropolitano, BRAZIL May-June 2004 Queensland Kauri Pine Agathis robusta
Sister City of Nouméa, NEW CALEDONIA July-August, 2003 Queensland Kauri Pine Agathis robusta
First Tree to be Planted in the “Friendship Force Avenue”

Details of the above exchanges - with reports and many photographs - can be seen by going to Past Exchanges - Reports & Photos